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August  asters, August  stars
23 august, 18:00
August asters, August  stars

Popular melodies from domestic and foreign composers, music from movies

Variety orchestra
Kristina Zakirova, Alexander Videman, Sergey Skurykhin, Valentina Mikhailova
Artistic director and principal conductor Victor Ivanov

Jokingly and seriously
27 august, 18:30
Jokingly and seriously

The most famous and beloved of the classics, pop, jazz

Concert Brass Band
Artistic director and principal conductor Mark Abranov
Fair  presentation of the new season
12 september, 17:00
Fair presentation of the new season

Chamber Orchestra
Concert Brass Band
Vocal ensemble Markells Voices
Siberian Brass
Siberian accordion duo Alexander Syrotkin  Andrey Bityutskikh
Philharmonic soloists
And I am as a song myself
16 september, 18:30
And I am as a song myself

Olga Chirkova, vocal

Novosibirsk Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments
Artistic director and principal conductor Vladimir Gusev
To the 90th anniversary of A.M. Kats
16 september, 19:00
To the 90th anniversary of A.M. Kats

Opening of the 59th season J. Brahms. Concert for violin and orchestra D. Shostakovich. Symphony  5

Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra
lena Baeva, violin
Conductor Gintaras Rinkevicius

Attention! The programs and the dates of concerts could be modified.